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Before you dive in

Privacy and Safety

Strangy urges you NOT TO PUBLISH ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, such as name, age, precise location, photos, contact details etc. Strangy is designed to talk about abstract ideas or discuss things that matters and not exchange details that can be used against you or to profit from you.

Strangy is an open-source experimental state of the art project that is still under development and may contain bugs, unexpected behavior and unreliable availability.

Project state

Currently Strangy is in very early alpha version and provides minimalistic features set that allows create accounts, find users by tags and chat with them and leave feedback.

The original language of content is English. All other available translations were automatically generated using 'Google Translate' and may contain incorrect wording.

Future of the project

Development of Strangy doesn't have a clear and defined path. New features may be added and removed at any time, but the concept will always be stay the same.

Current backlog with no particular order is:

  • restore password
  • account and profile settings
  • improve UI and UX
  • publicly available chat history
  • mobile application
  • fix critical bugs
  • quality translations

The development is currently on going, but you already have a chance to taste the concept and general ideas.

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